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The explosive growth of virtual reality technologies is just beginning, and we

can help you to make sense of how to use it to enhance your educational programs.

Virtual learning environments enable you, the teacher, to do things not possible in a traditional

classroom: bring together geographically dispersed learners, practice hazardous tasks

in a safe way, present views impossible in real life, create problem-based scenarios for collaborative work. Virtual reality is a new kind of experiential learning, and the possibilities

are as big as your imagination.

Our studio is focused on the use of virtual worlds and immersive 3D

in education and training for learners age 16 and up. We are dedicated to

the creation of interactive experiences that make learning fun. The team draws on

over 25 years of combined experience is the development of simulations and games

to make your ideas come to life.

We can develop your 2D/3D project using any of a variety of platforms: Second Life, Open Simulator, Unity engine, mobile, with or without wearables like Oculus Rift, cardboard viewer and others.

Let’s get together to talk about how 3D virtual learning environments can energize your curriculum.













Educational 3D movies - Machinima

Imagine a scene in 3D built specifically for your needs, recorded and presented for your students or clients. Your  "Virtual Hollywood Studio"  can include characters who walk and talk if you wish. It’s all up to you, the director. What an engaging way to tell your story.

Education in Virtual Worlds

OpenSimulator and Second Life are thriving virtual worlds with much to offer educators and their students. We have 8 years of experience creating interactive multimedia learning games and simulations in these platforms. Whatever your subject matter, we have the capacity to develop a custom 3D solution for you.















Looking Ahead

2016 is the Year of Virtual Reality. Many devices, platforms, and opportunities will become available to the public, and along with that many opportunities to use 3D in creative ways to meet your needs.

For example, Linden Lab is launching in 2016 a new generation of virtual world known as Project SANSAR with many improvements and cross-platform access, including mobile devices and Head-Mounted Displays.  We are preparing ourselves to develop in these spaces. Join us as pioneers in these new creative spaces.

Videos 360 degrees

Conversion of OpenSimulator Projects to Unity 3D Platform

We record and produce 360 degree videos viewable on mobile, tablet or laptop, and also on Virtual Reality headsets like Google Cardboard and Oculus Rift. Place your online audience at the center of your event, party, performance, meeting, classroom, real estate listing, or marketplace.

We convert the objects from a whole OpenSimulator region to an assets scene and folder in Unity 3D.  The objects are converted to 3D mesh assets with textures.

dedicated to education in VR



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